Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Zeitgeist Tanz – Online-Stream

In the online stream of ZEITGEIST TANZ, Jacopo Godani and the Dresden Frankfurt Dance are presenting a unique program of contemporary choreographies.

In his new creation for the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company Good Old Moone, Marco Goecke works with music from Patti Smith. “When I think of this work, I dream of a feeling of a central point that explains everything. Every new work is also the search for an encounter with someone,” says Goecke.

The new creation Hollow Bones by Jacopo Godani presents experimental forms of dance on pointe shoes as part of a live choreographic composition. Visual effects, sound and dance mix on stage and form a total work of at, produced and directed solely by the company's dancers.

Zeitgeist Tanz

Choreographies by Marco Goecke
and Jacopo Godani
Online Stream

Choreography Marco Goecke

Music Patti Smith
Stage/Costumes Marco Goecke
Light Udo Haberland


Choreography Jacopo Godani
Music 48nord
/Ulrich Müller
Stage/Costumes/Light Jacopo Godani
Video Jacopo Godani
Graphics on screen Panikos Polyviou
Text Felix Berning/Zoe Lenzi Allaria/David Leonidas Thiel/Clay Koonar/Vincenzo De Rosa

Podcast Online-Feature ZEITGEIST TANZ