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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Open Grounds

One hallmark of dance as a performance art is its transience; at the same time, it is also a deeply social art form which brings together dancers, spectators and the choreographer for a certain period of time. The aesthetic experience is a communication process whose reiteration in dance plays a key role.

Members of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company ensemble are spending a year engaging with topics such as humanity, society, body and movement, gender issues, feelings, social media and their influence on us, and the boundary between public and private – ultimately, with life in movement – in order to create extremely varied works from a wide range of perspectives.

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Open Grounds

Choreographies by and with the dancers of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company 

Programm I (22 June/7:00 pm + 24 June/9:00 pm)
Choreographies by Rob Fordeyn, Gustavo Gomes, Julian Nicosia, Claudia Phlips, Ulysse Zangs 
Programm II (23 June/7:00 pm + 25. Juni/6:00 pm)
Choreographies by Daphne Fernberger, Rob Fordeyn, Anne Jung, Joel Small, David Leonidas Thiel

Special! - 25 June, 8 pm
Frankfurt LAB, Frankfurt am Main / Improvisation - Ensemble Modern & Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company 

Supported by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain
Produced at the Frankfurt LAB