Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::New Creation

With his final work as artistic director of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Jacopo Godani will be bringing a party to the stage! Looking back on his years with the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, this will be a celebration of his time working with the artists that he has often lovingly referred to as “the X-Men of the dance world.” The new creation will highlight the uniqueness of each member of the ensemble and the collaborative way that Godani and his dancers work together.

“The work we do in the company requires an examination of yourself and a deep understanding of your own body and mindset. I encourage all our dancers to become their own engineer, to look at themselves from the outside in order to understand how they actually function – and to acknowledge and celebrate their individuality!” Godani says.

This piece will be a chance to showcase the superpower of each dancer and the distinctive style of the company as a whole – a superhero dance party! 

New creation

by Jacopo Godani

Choreography Jacopo Godani
Stage/Costume/Light Jacopo Godani