Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::The Small Infinite

THE SMALL INFINITE is part of the three-part program ULTIMATUM together with ULTIMATUM PART II and UNIT IN REACTION. . 
In this full evening program, THE SMALL INFINITE is shown as the first piece.

In ULTIMATUM the kingdom of reality is suspended when a supposedly familiar setting is altered by the unexpected. 

This creation is a journey through a futuristic landscape in which creatures - that experiment with what seem newly acquired body parts - inhabit the stage while guiding us through passages and different scenes.

Godani conceives environments and geographies that contain hidden foundations. He leaves space for the audience to explore an unmapped territory in which choreography moves between different planes: the intangible qualities of the material world with established existing objects, and the accepted purpose of such objects, as well as their alterations. 

In this Terra incognita, there is a threshold in which dancers embody the intersection of choreography and environment: space becomes organic. This whole reterritorialization of the stage -the repurposing of the landscape- encompasses the dance itself and, moreover, a vision of a future.


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Choreography by Jacopo Godani


Choreography Jacopo Godani
Light, Stage, Costumes Jacopo Godani
Music Excerpts from the J.S. Bach Cello Suites, interpreted by Jan Vogler
Soundscape 48nord (Ulrich Müller, Siegfried Rössert)
Length 18 min / 18 dancers
World Premiere 7 March 2019, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt am Main