Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::STORMO

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and Ensemble Modern invite the audience to get close. As in a rehearsal room, the performance space makes it possible for viewers to immerse themselves in the happenings onstage. Thanks to this intimacy, the audience becomes a part of the artistic process.

STORMO is the physical fusion of orchestra and dance, manifested in real time. Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and Ensemble Modern share the performance space, working both with and against each other. The result is a spontaneous choreography to Johannes Motschmann’s composition Attack Decay. For the first time, the audience can experience two conductors onstage, one for the music and one for the movement. The choreographic and musical scores converge during this appealing live experiment: In Stormo choreography becomes music and music choreography.

STORMO is a part of the three-part evening program Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company meets Ensemble Modern that focuses on the audience’s experience. It presents an opportunity to perceive the details, take in the quintessential and experience refinement and finesse in close proximity to the artists.
For this program, Jacopo Godani has created three radically different worlds in which orchestra and dance, choreographic work and musical composition meet in a series of singular relationships. In STORMO, METAMORPHERS and SATELLITING, three separate universes arise, all defined by intimacy, refinement and finesse.

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Choreography Jacopo Godani
Conductor Josep Planells Schiaffino

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and Ensemble Modern collaborated for the first time in 2016. This partnership now continues with a ballet evening by Jacopo Godani, a world premiere which will be performed from December 12 to 22 in the Bockenheimer Depot. Audiences can again experience the dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and the musicians from Ensemble Modern together on one stage.  The music by Johannes Motschmann, Béla Bartók and Johannes Schöllhorn was jointly selected by both partners and will be directed by up-and-coming conductor Josep Planells Schiaffino from Valencia.



Choreography Jacopo Godani
Conductor Josep Planells Schiaffino
Stage, Light, Costumes Jacopo Godani
Music Johannes Motschmann Attack Decay (2011)
Sound Direction Norbert Ommer
Length 13 Min / 16 Dancers
World Premiere 12 December 2019, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Frankfurt am Main, Bockenheimer Depot

Introductory Talk

Fri, December 13 | 7:00 pm 
Thu, December 19 I 7:00 pm
with Luisa Sancho Escanero, Representative of the Artistic Director / Artistic Coordinator, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company  and Christian Fausch, Artistic Management / Managing Director, Ensemble Modern.

(open to the public, no registration required)