Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Postgenoma

In Postgenoma, abyssal creatures lurk on stage creating a universe on its own with a unique pas de deux. The human animal – haunted by its ghosts, sometimes terrified, and concealing itself – refuses to die away and, even having been trained so strongly to not show its real nature, is constantly reappearing, unlearning all imposed boundaries and squirming against the pressure of any given beauty norms.

In Postgenoma, Godani was working once again with the composer duo 48nord, who have provided the choreogaphy with a fascinating horizon articulated using electronic music

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Choreography Jacopo Godani

Stage, Light, Costumes Jacopo Godani
Music 48nord (Ulrich Müller & Siegfried Rössert)
Length 15 min / 2 dancers
World Premiere 5 February 2017, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Equilibrio Festival 2017/Germania, Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma, Italy