Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company - Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Moto Perpetuo

Moto Perpetuo

The striking neoclassical matrix of the enthralling choreography Moto Perpetuo allows classical ballet technique to flow towards contemporary forms. Through intense group sections with the whole company and empowered physical action – highlighted by pointe work – this stunning piece reveals the artistic essence and the character of the company.

In this production, Godani collaborated once more with 48nord who therefor provided the choreographer with a fascinating electronic musical horizon.

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Moto Perpetuo

Choreography Jacopo Godani

Stage, Light, Costumes Jacopo Godani
Music 48nord (Ulrich Müller & Siegfried Rössert)
Lenght 24 min / 16 dancers
World Premiere 16 November 2016, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Frankfurt am Main, Bockenheimer Depot