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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Hollow Bones

At the beginning of the choreographic research for his new creation Hollow Bones Jacopo Godani related the idea of artistic freedom to birds. Consequently, he found the transposition or materialization of this concept in the light and hollow structure of the bones of birds. 

In this way, Hollow Bones becomes the enactment of this freedom which pervades also his choreographic principles. As in an artistic manifesto, in Hollow Bones Godani combines his performative attitude, his approach to classical ballet technique and his wide-ranging choreographic research. Elements such as unusual sounds and spoken texts underline the experimental character of the performance and contribute to a choreographic structure characterized by real-time composition. Stage situations fade in and out with intentional spontaneity, following an impalpable but arranged master plan.

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Hollow Bones

Choreography Jacopo Godani

Choreography Jacopo Godani
Music 48nord
/Ulrich Müller
Stage/Costumes/Light Jacopo Godani
Video Jacopo Godani
Graphics on screen Panikos Polyviou
Text Felix Berning/Zoe Lenzi Allaria/David Leonidas Thiel/Clay Koonar/Vincenzo De Rosa
Length approx. 60 minutes / 16 dancers
World Premiere 29 April 2021, via Online Stream