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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Echoes from a restless soul

Echoes from a Restless Soul is set to Le Gibet and Ondine, both part of the Gaspard de la Nuit triptych, a composition for solo piano written by Maurice Ravelin 1908. The basis for this masterpiece is an earlier French poem by Aloysius Bertrand. On a creation of incredible virtuosity, Ravel brings Bertrand’s poems to life, employing an innovative piano technique within a classical form. The choreographic elements in Echoes form a common thread, merging in an atmosphere that transcends time and place. In this eerie otherworldliness, Godani and the company offer an array of pas de deux and quartets that describes a landscape of artistic virtuosity. Through them, intricate and unending combinations of a formal relationship – the pas de deux – are presented. Godani enhances movement with pointe shoes while creating a remarkable freedom within certain aesthetic parameters – as the ones from a more classical approach. Ravel’s score will be performed live on stage.

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Echoes from a Restless Soul

Choreography Jacopo Godani

Stage, Light, Costume Design Jacopo Godani
Music Maurice RavelOndine & Le Gibet from Gaspard de la Nuit 
Piano, live performance Ruslan Bezbrozh or Svjatoslav Korolev
World Premiere: 16 November 2016, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Frankfurt am Main, Bockenheimer Depot