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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::Double Bill

Quintett (1993) is a milestone in William Forsythe’s oeuvre of contemporary ballet, in which the dancers set in motion a seamless flow of solos, duets and trios to Gavin Bryars’s music. Forsythe’s work is compelling thanks to its joyful complexity – like a raging torrent whose powerful vision contains an awareness of its own end.

In Hollow Bones Jacopo Godani unites his performative attitude, his approach to classical ballet technique and his choreographic research to an artistic manifesto. Elements such as unusual sounds, spoken texts and video sequences underline the experimental character of the creation and contribute to a choreographic structure that is characterized by a composition in real time.

Double Bill

Choreographies by William Forsythe and Jacopo Godani

Choreography William Forsythe, with Dana Caspersen, Stephen Galloway, Jacopo Godani, Thomas McManus and Jone San Martin

Music Gavin Bryars, "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" (26') 
Stage/Light William Forsythe
Costumes Stephen Galloway
Revival Chroeographers Stefanie Arndt, Cyril Baldy, Jacopo Godani, Amancio González, Jone San Martin
Length approx. 25 minutes / 5 dancers
World Premiere 9 October 1993, Opernhaus Frankfurt


(on-stage premiere)
Choreography Jacopo Godani
Music 48nord
/Ulrich Müller
Stage/Costumes/Light Jacopo Godani
Video Jacopo Godani
Graphics on screen Panikos Polyviou
Text Felix Berning/Zoe Lenzi Allaria/David Leonidas Thiel/Clay Koonar/Vincenzo De Rosa
Length approx. 60 minutes / 16 dancers
World Premiere 29 April 2021, via Online Stream

Podcast Online-Feature Double Bill
(available in German only)