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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::#AlterEgo

With #AlterEgo / I am German Expressionism, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company presents online a series of 15 artistic short videos as a digital continuation of the production Alter Ego. The videos were conceived and realized by the dancers themselves during the lockdown in their home environment. The project continued to produce a 14-minute video documentary in which Jacopo Godani provides special insight into the behind-the-scenes work of the Alter Ego production as well as the video project.
"With the Digital Sequel of Alter Ego, I want to show the world how creatively we as a Company are dealing with the current situation and the lockdown, and how we can reinvent ourselves and the productions in these times," says Jacopo Godani, Artistic Director.

In addition to the Alter Ego production, cinematic expressionism, with classics such as Metropolis, Nosferatu and Orlac's Hands, served as inspiration for the dancers' visuals. Surrealistic environments, exaggerated gestures, unfulfilled actions and the play with light and shadow are reinterpreted in a contemporary way in the short videos.

Further artistic specifications by Jacopo Godani were the costume of the production Alter Ego and the realization under the slogan "I am German Expressionism". The setting and scenery were chosen by the dancers themselves, their own choreography was developed, and the camera and editing were implemented by the dancers themselves.

The documentation of the project and the artistic videos are available here on the Youtube channel of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and are shared on Facebook and Instagram.


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"Ich bin deutscher Expressionismus"

Creation Jacopo Godani
Videowork and Performance Dancers of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
Series of 15 Videos / ca. 30 Seconds – 2:20 Minutes per video
Initial release 21 January 2021 on Youtube