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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::10 odd emotions

A one-of-a-kind collaboration, this crossover project brings actors from the Schauspiel Frankfurt ensemble, dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and guest performers and musicians together on the same stage. Working with an international team, Saar Magal will explore the narrative behind Germany’s »culture of remembrance,« experiences from Jewish life in Germany, Israel and the world, exclusion and inclusion, and the explosiveness of positionings. The tools for this performative expedition include movement, language, live music, objects and video.

The work will emerge from the ensemble’s collective, searching movement: through an exchange of personal experiences, improvisation and research, Magal will compose a stream of associations and questions, creating a collage from her own texts and from documentary and (pop) cultural material. The piece examines the depictability of racism as the exclusion of the other. The »other body« takes to the stage, gains visibility – and is included in the group, which simultaneously pushes it to the margins.

A co-production with Schauspiel Frankfurt

10 odd emotions

Choreography Saar Magal

+++ For disposition reasons, the production of Ten Odd Emotions is being postponed. Unfortunately, the extensive crossover project cannot be implemented under the current restrictions. New dates for this cooperation are set as soon as possible for one of the coming seasons. +++

Direction, Concept and Choreography Saar Magal

Music Omer Klein
Stage Eva Veronika Born
Costumes Slavna Martinović
Video Gabriel Bach, Pascal Jeker
Dramaturgy Katja Herlemann

A co-production with Schauspiel Frankfurt

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