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Frankfurt Dresden Dance Company ::10 ODD EMOTIONS

How can we understand the many forms of violence inherent to anti-Semitism, racism and colonialization as connected and historically interdependent phenomena without relativizing them? How do we speak about memory and historical responsibility, and about the sometimes conflicting, “peculiar” emotions that both evoke? How does the “foreign body” – the outcast, the oppressed – emerge from the midst of a supposed “we”?

In this unique collaboration between the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and Schauspiel Frankfurt, dancers will appear on stage with actors and other performers. Based on joint research and improvisations, the Israeli choreographer Saar Magal will develop a piece of contemporary physical theatre which examines the presence and genealogy of anti-Semitic and racist violence in Germany, thereby bringing language, music, bodies and images together and inspiring them to dance.

Saar Magal is a choreographer who lives in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Florida. She creates dance, theater and opera performances, working with dancers, actors, singers, researchers, visual artists and musicians.


by Saar Magal

Direction and Choreography Saar Magal
Set Design Eva Veronica Born
Stage Magdalena Gut
Costumes Slavna Martinović
Music Omer Klein, Silvan Strauss
Video Design Natan Berkowicz
Dramaturgy Alexander Leiffheidt

Partly in English


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Photo: Birgit Hupfeld