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Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is a contemporary dance ensemble of the highest standard under the artistic direction of choreographer Jacopo Godani. The company develops, presents and communicates dance with the goal of connecting people, inspiring them and increasing their enthusiasm for dance. It is the company-in-residence at two performance venues, HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden and Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt am Main. As an internationally celebrated ensemble, it also gives guest performances around the world.

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company’s distinctive style uniquely combines venerable traditions and contemporary ideas. Its repertoire consists largely of choreographies by Jacopo Godani, although renowned guest artists such as Marco Goecke and Rafael Bonachela regularly create works for the company. Milestones of contemporary ballet, such as those by William Forsythe, are also preserved and performed.

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company views itself as an artistic, social and cultural platform for contemporary ballet. It collaborates with educational institutions and prestigious national and international cultural organizations. It also engages in a wide range of educational and outreach activities, including workshops, talks and digital offerings, which provide cultural and aesthetic experiences to everyone regardless of heritage, social background, education, age or physical condition.

In 2015, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company was formed from the independent ensemble The Forsythe Company. Founded by William Forsythe in 2005 as a successor to Ballet Frankfurt, The Forsythe Company became one of the world’s most renowned dance ensembles. Ten years later, as of the 2015/2016 season, Jacopo Godani was appointed Artistic Director and since then the group has performed as the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. The name is an expression and acknowledgment of the unique cross-state support the company receives – from the State Capital of Dresden and the Free State of Saxony, and from the City of Frankfurt am Main and the State of Hessen.

The Declaration of the MANY (Erklärung der VIELEN) is a statement for tolerance, diversity, and respect, against populist and nationalist tendencies. Professionals in the art and culture sector join together to send a socio-political message and commit themselves to living these values in their daily work. 

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is one of the first signatories of the Frankfurt as well as the Dresden Declaration, which was presented simultaneously in many cities throughout Germany.
Frankfurt Declaration (in German)
Dresden Declaration (in German)

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company adheres to the values-based Code of Conduct published on October 28, 2021 by the Deutsche Bühnenverein, Germany’s national theater and orchestra association. The aim of the code is to promote a culture of free and respectful interactions at artistic organizations.
Wertebasierter Verhaltenskodex des Deutschen Bühnenvereins (in German)